Windroy – Lightweight Android Emulator For PC

Windroy is a Accessible, fast and easy-to-use emulation instrument. That allows you to run Android on your personal computer and test various applications.

1. What is Windroy?

Windroye is a free program that makes Android run on Windows computer. It is an Android Emulator that allows you to play the latest Android games on your computer, search and install Android applications in order to test them. It also provides features such as support for audio capturing and optimized local apks installation.

2. Features and Highlights

2.1 Features

Windroy allows you to enjoy the capabilities and features of the Android operating system on your Windows computer. Based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version of the well-known platform. It brings you a complete emulator that can be used for experimenting with the functions of this OS using the PC.

Designed to offer you a full Android user experience. Windroy keeps all the characteristics of the mobile device platform. Starting with the primary lock screen to the specific modern interface, refined animations, intuitive menus and virtual buttons. Practically, you can try out all the features of this OS and fully assess its capabilities, without having an Android handheld device.

2.2 Highlights

The main purpose of Windroy is to offer you full Android porting to Windows. With all its engaging advantages, from the modern look to multitasking, notification capabilities, accessibility, web browsing. And all the apps and widgets that you would find on any tablet computer or a smartphone running Android.

The application supports both full screen and windowed mode (scaling is allowed). Different UI resolutions and can be controlled using the mouse, the keyboard or remote tools.

3. Windroy’s Abilities

It takes advantage of your system’s performance capabilities (graphics hardware acceleration) in order to enhance the user experience and is fully integrated with other Windows applications, such as Windows Media Player or Flash. Furthermore, it supports Ethernet and PPPoE, which means that Internet access is available within the Android emulator.

Windroy comes in handy for both developers who need to test their apps and regular users who intend to purchase a mobile device running on Android and want to view how it works and what it can really do. Since it offers an exact copy of the Android platform, you can use it to test the functionality of this operating system onto your Windows PC.


Windroy – Lightweight Android Emulator For PC


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Windroy – Lightweight Android Emulator For PC
Windroy – Lightweight Android Emulator For PC
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