Google Earth Pro – World map viewing software

Google Earth Pro is an interactive 3D globe visualization that can be used to support planning, analysis, and decision making. With Google Earth, you can fly anywhere in seconds and explore hundreds of 3D cities.

1. About Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is a free desktop tool with advanced GIS and mapping features. It can be downloaded on PC, Mac, and Linux devices. With this tool, users can create maps, import and export GIS data, and access historical images. A mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

A user-friendly program that lets you to explore, search and discover any location on Earth, as well as work with different viewing modes and satellite imagery.

Google Earth is a downloadable software solution that comprises satellite imagery and maps with most locations around the world, giving you the power to browse all of them straight from your desktop.

2. Features of Google Earth Pro

2.1 User-friendly interface

All these great things are presented to the user in a simple and clear interface, with the Earth in the middle. Users can easily zoom in, zoom out or move around with just the mouse. But users can also type a certain location in the left search box to jump directly to that location.

It’s only a matter of time until you get used to Google Earth and the more you discover. The easier it is to enjoy the powerful functions of this software.

2.2 Street view mode

Talking about functions, probably one of the greatest things about Google Earth is its relatively-new Street View option that gets you right on the street thanks to image captured by Google cars. However, you should note that not all locations are included in this view.

2.3 Search for places all over the world

Besides this impressive imagery, the application also comes with Flash videos in placemark balloons and dedicated tools to search for restaurants, parks and other points of interests quick and easy.

2.4 3D views and favorite locations

Last but not least, you can always enjoy great 3D views with the help of especially-created buildings in some of the most popular cities in the world, while at the same time you can save and share your favorite locations with just one click.

2.5 A top product on the market

Although we’d always go for a deeper zoom, Google Earth remains one of the most interesting applications ever created. You can’t get bored at all and if you really wish to know the Earth better than anytime before, this application is among the first things to go for.


Google Earth Pro – World map viewing software


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Google Earth Pro – World map viewing software
Google Earth Pro – World map viewing software
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