uTorrent – An efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client

uTorrent is a rich and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows with a very small footprint. It is designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible. While providing all the functionality expected from advanced clients.

1. What Is uTorrent?

Torrent client which enables users to quickly download files from various peers and offers support for RSS feeds, a scheduler and speed limiter.

From convenience and speed to the fact that it is backed by a decentralized process used by P2P. There are numerous reasons why you may want to use torrents for grabbing files. In fact, just because you can effortlessly spread big media files around the Internet in just a couple of minutes. Makes torrents an attractive alternative to businesses, media and developers.

uTorrent is a lightweight utility that does not only make grabbing torrents easy but also packs numerous other useful features. Like RSS feeds, remote access and creating your torrent files to share with others.

2. Use uTorrent

2.1 Allows you to configure speed limits and set priority downloads

First off, due to privacy concerns, some users have legit concerns regarding tracking. This is why we suggest to use Peerblock or to use a VPN in order to block known peer monitoring services.

The application comes with an intuitive interface that displays all the data you need to know about the torrents you are managing. Thus, you can preview the name, size, status, download and upload speed, seed, peers and estimated time for files being downloaded. However, you can check the tabs below to see more in-depth information about the file. Includes IP and location of peer files, spike speed, and other transfer details.

One notable feature is that you can manage bandwidth allocation for torrents so that it doesn’t affect the rest of your tasks. While you can set it to normal, low, and high, you can also set the maximum download and upload speeds.

2.2 Lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and download files automatically

The program enables you to manage torrents even when you are not near your computer, thanks to the RSS feed and scheduler functions. As the name suggests, the RSS feed function entails that you can subscribe to various feeds and set the tool to auto-download the files as they appear.

The tool comes with several file management options, such as labels. Allows you to set special folders for the files you are retrieving manually or automatically. If you can’t find a file, then you might consider searching for it in dedicated folders.

On the other hand, you should know that the application does not allow you to search for torrents from within the program. Instead, you need to find and download your torrent files from various websites. Or use the links provided by the users you are sharing with.

2.3 A comprehensive, easy to use and reliable torrent client

With millions of users worldwide, uTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients. And is a heavyweight in its category. Available in a user-friendly interface. This tool integrates many advanced features that simplify the way you get, create and manage your torrent files.


uTorrent – An efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client


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uTorrent – An efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client
uTorrent – An efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client
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